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how we work


The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering. 

~Ben Okri~



Two main keys to flourishing in the field of arts and conflict transformation are a strong support system and maintaining self-care practices.  Doing so builds resilience and prevents burnout, allowing for work to be sustainable, fresh and creative. Geographies of Hope aims to create a space in which change agents can come together and share experiences, make art together, and support each other in their work. Through workshops, virtual dialogues, and symposiums, we hope to build a cohesive community for change agents from all over the world to heal, become inspired, and sustain hope.

Image by James Baldwin

action & Reflection

To maintain an inspirational network of change agents, it is important to share practice, methods, and actions taking place in the work being done in local communities and around the world. At Geographies of Hope, change agents can engage in career sharing, information on arts-based and/or peacebuilding interventions, program development and connections, and collaboration with their communities.  Community leaders will also be invited to share actions being taken to foster hope and change within their communities.

Image by James Baldwin
Image by Ahmad Kadhim

creative exploration

The sharing of knowledge and new developments in the field is vital and important. From storytelling, expressive presentations, to academic papers; collective wisdom and all learning is celebrated and welcomed within our space. We value collaboration and provide space for:

  • Idea Sessions

  • Story circles

  • Expressive arts explorations

  • Participatory community based research and dialogue 

  • Launch conferences and networking events where change agents can speak about their work and/or research

  • Information on available Arts-Based Grant/Funding opportunities

  • Act as a resource for outside opportunities for upcoming conference presentations, publication opportunities, and new research in our fields

Image by James Baldwin


Through witness and testimony, we celebrate the work of both change agents and communities - to reflect on the positive accomplishments that may have risen in partnership together.

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