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Where does HOPE live in your geography?

Mapping hope

Does hope live in the contours of the city, or on a hillside?  Does it only live in a specific location or look a certain way?  Is it only accessible in the midst of peace and tranquility?  Or is it undefinable and more abstract than we think?  


Geographies of Hope is a collaborative space for artists and change agents who are actively looking out for hope in their context.   The concept of Geography encompasses the understanding of “what is where on the Earth” but also seeks to know why it is there and not somewhere else. In this spirit we believe that the act of mapping hope is essential in the work of social change.  


As change agents working in the field of conflict transformation, peacebuilding and the arts, finding the light through the darkness can sometimes be challenging.  This community of practice has been created to help explore the tools and resources that help us to grow our imagination, reignite inspiration, and build hope in our context and lived spaces.


Our mission

​We aim to...

  • Create spaces for collaboration, learning and inspiration at the intersection of conflict transformation and the arts.

  • Build supportive spaces for change agents that creates opportunities for connection and hope 

  • Explore, learn and exchange innovative ideas in order to build shared methodologies and collaborative research

  • Partner with groups and communities to map hope in their context building a global conversation and understanding of what hope means in today’s context

creating paths to peace

Wanderer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; wanderer, there is no road, the road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind one sees the path that never will be trod again. Wanderer, there is no road-- Only wakes upon the sea.

~Antonio Machado~

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